EUFOREX training programme at the fifth session in Craiova, Romania

The fifth group of Romanian trainees, in addition to the minimum number agreed for each partner and extra-aged (15-16 years old most of them) attended their ”EUFOREX You too, for example!” experience in volunteering this week.

All of them are volunteers of CEDRU Association (Centre of Excellence for Human Resources Development) in Craiova. That`s why the training was organised in one of CEDRU work points. Their willingness to participate in this training was due to the fact they were presented the project experience and the training opportunities for their personal development  during a dissemination session they took part in.

For three days of training (4th, 5th and 6th of June 2013) they  were involved in  various learning experiences. The trainees top four of the most appreciated sessions contains those focused on: assertive communication,  personal perspective on volunteering, basic principles of teamwork  and ideas of active volunteering.

You can ”taste” the  training mood following the link from above.


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