The Euforex training in Konya

The training of the volunteers at the Konya Province Directorate of National Education.

The training of the volunteers started in Janury of 2013 at the Konya Province Directorate of National Education.

The people, who applied for the trainings and got accepted, were divided into four groups. The courses were realised in various times and locations as the specific groups seperately for students, teachers, adults and ladies.

Some statistical information is as follows:
80 high school and university students, 19 teachers and 17 adult ladies; altogether 116 people have been trained.

People between 17 and 55 years old have participated in the trainings.
Some of the participants said that they used to do the volunteer actions only with what they had already heard about and they also said that this was the first time they were having a course about it. Some others (of the participants) said that the materials and the visual materials used in these trainings were very useful for them and added that they would like to distribute them to some other people as well.

The participants have become aware that they were getting these trainings by the help of the Project named “Euforex” and they have also become aware of the fact that this Project was being supported by the European Union.On the other hand, those who were participants in the trainings might not start working right away now but for sure, some time in the future, they will. When we take the family members of these participants also into consideration, about 1.000 people can be thought as the people that have become aware of these trainings.



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