Volunteering stories

Share your actions

and tell us about your project.


Citizens we are, volunteers we can be.



We would like to know your story, project, experience, initiative aimed to taking care of someone or something.


Who can apply?

Third sector associations, schools , churches, companies, unions, trade associations, religious ones, but also informal groups of citizens trying to meet a social need or simply groups of people who created a small solidarity project.


What kind of subjects?

Care, treatment and health, environmental protection, conservation or maintenance of cities, buildings or monuments, initiatives to promote access to employment for vulnerable people, cultural integration, help to families, corporate social responsibility and so on.


How to join the initiative?

You can send the project description and any pictures or materials produced:

- by e-mail
- to this address
Comune di Reggio Emilia
Servizio Comunicazione, Relazioni esterne e Marketing
via San Pietro Martire 2/B
42121 Reggio Emilia (Italy)
- to the addresses reported in the partners'form





Please specify:

  • REFERENT (Name, Surname, Address, Telephone number, email)


We invite you to participate in this collection to give evidence to your experience and to make a common practice out of it. This will help us knowing where and how people take care or need care and also where and how we can improve our actions.







Watch the videos "Historias de voluntariado en Vallecas"



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